As followers of Jesus we realize that He has called us to help bring His Kingdom to earth. We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to engage with the neighborhood, community, and city. We currently operate numerous initiatives, which serve in different ways to engage with the world. Feel free to join with us on these initiatives, or contact us with an idea for another way to bring the Kingdom!

Sunday Community
Sunday nights we gather as a community to enjoy each others' company, eat a meal together, and dive into scripture (or a book) to challenge each other and to dialogue. We gather at varying houses in South Reno, Sunday nights from 5-8pm.

Community Garden
We think that locally grown produce is awesome, and tastes fantastic. So we have a community garden. It has lots of different kinds of fruit and vegetables. We are always looking to expand it and provide more produce both to our own community and beyond. If you would like to start up your own garden, feel free to contact us to learn about how to start -- and if you would like for your garden to be connected with ours into a nice little community co-op, contact us as well!

The code name we give our initiative to invest in jr-sr high students. We are in the process of working out a way to engage with the youth of South Reno, to plug them into serving the community, and also draw them into the ever-embracing love of Christ -- which in drawing people in, also calls people to go, and serve. The hope is to one day start up an after-school center connected with the Pneuma Caffeine Bar.

Caffeine Bar
Our most ambitious initiative. We are looking to start up a coffee-caffeine bar in South Reno and are in the process of writing up our business proposal and working with the city to acquire land to build the coffee shop. Our desire is to use the coffee shop as a means to serve the community. Allowing the funds that flow into the business to also flow out back into the community. Knowing that coffee shops are the place of choice to hang out and build relationships, we desire to provide a place where people can come connect with others and also get plugged in to ways to serve the community.