Pneuma is the greek word for spirit, breath, and wind. We think that God's fingerprints are all over this world, and that He is working all around us. Just like the wind which is only seen through its effects we believe that God's Spirit works the same way. Together we seek to partner with God in what He is doing; to be a fresh breath of love, grace, and forgiveness in a world that desperately needs it.

As a community we seek to love all of God's creation in new ways, outside of institutional walls, without judgment and condemnation, through community and service. We want our lives to speak about God's love for all people, and we seek to live, individually and together, in ways that reveal the heart of God to all.

We think that the world is not the way that God desires it to be; that poverty, disease, slavery, injustice, and environmental destruction break His heart. We feel called to be God's hands and voice in these issues and will continually look for new and effective ways to educate and mobilize the community to combat them.

We believe that all people are made in the image of God, and as such deserve to be respected and loved. Jesus spent most of His time eating and drinking with those who were cast out by the religious elite, and we seek to do the same. Everyone, regardless of background, beliefs, or status are welcome to join us in service and community.